Important Glossary | Texas Hold’em

Play immediately after learning the rules! I tried playing it, but I don’t understand it because it’s full of terms I don’t know! ?? How many players are there? First, check the terms you want to keep in mind.

If you look up Texas Hold’em terms, there are many technical terms, and you may feel that you don’t know what you want to start with. First, let’s suppress the terms in the following order.


A position in Texas Hold’em is your position on the table. The types of positions are as follows.

  • Under The Gun
  • Dealer button (D / BTN)
  • Early Position
  • Middle position (MIDDLE POSITION)
  • Late position (LATE POSITION)
  • Absolute position (ABSOLUTE POSITION)
  • Relative position (RELATIVE POSITION)


Next, let’s suppress the term blind. This is a compulsory bet that you pay by participating in the game, and it is related to your position, so you need to remember it.

  • Small Blind (SB)
  • Big blind (BIG BLIND, BB)


Aplay style in which bullish actions such as betting and raising are actively performed.


Purchase additional chips regardless of stack size.

Under The Gun

The first position to take action in a game.


A hand with a low winning percentage in happy88 poker. For example, if you have AA and 99 hands, 99 is an underdog because AA is overwhelmingly strong.

Early Position

An unfavorable position where you have to take action in the first half, such as the small blind (SB) or big blind (BB).

Information Bet

A bet is made when a player who has not bet on the preflop and has raised on the preflop does not make a continuation bet on the flop.


Pot odds that are derived by taking into account the future actions of other players.


The expected value obtained by multiplying the winning percentage at that time by the size of the pot.


A combination of cards with different suits. The opposite of off-suite is Suited .


A card that is higher than the highest level of community cards. For example, suppose your community card has K, 10, and 3 and your hand has A and Q. In this case, A, which is stronger than K, which is the highest rank of the community card, is the overcard.


A pair of overcards . For example, if the community card has K, 10, and 3 and the hand is AA, then AA is overpaired.


A hand that completes a straight by drawing either of the two numbers before and after. For example, say 5, 6, 7, 8.


A hand that has both a flash draw and an open-end straight draw.

OPEN BET This is

the first bet happy88 e-wallet made when no one is in the pot except the blinds.


Betting all the chips you have.


A hand that completes a straight by drawing a single number between them. For example, say 5, 6, 8, 9. Here, subtract 7 to complete the straight.


card that does not create a specific role. If the hand is 8, 8, K, K, 2, then 2 is the kicker.

Cash game (CASH GAME) A

game participation format that allows you to participate or quit at any time, also called a ring game.


idea that when there is a player who has already bet or raised, if he wants to raise after that, he must have a stronger hand.

Gap Connector (GAP CONNECTORS)

Cards with two different numbers. If the numbers with 3 differences are aligned, it will be a 2-gap connector, and if the numbers with 4 differences are aligned, it will be a 3-gap connector.